We will itroduce airsoft to you!


Airsoft is a sport where the parties shoot each other with Airsoft guns, the ammunition is a plastic bullet. Recognition of being hit is about honesty! The structure of the game does not set any limits, it is up to your fantasy and environmental opportunities. With our help, you can make your birthday, corporate event or holiday with friends memorable and adrenaline-filled.

How does it work?

Its simple! Fighters from different sides shoot eachother on the battlefield with 6mm plastic balls. If you feel or hear getting hit the bullet, you are your own judge and declare yourself dead, clearly stating this as well to other fighters, by lying down or shouting "hit" / "dead" / etc. After getting hit, you must act according to agreed rules, either staying there or moving to the dead area. If some of the fighters can't keep to the agreed rules or repeatedly fail to recognize hits - inform the instructors immediately, they will make the necessary arrangements or measures to keep the game fun.

Does it hurt and how do you recognize the hit?

A little bit. Airsoft is something of an extreme sport, but still safer than parachuting or climbing. Ordinary clothes offer absolutely adequate protection for airsoft bullets. Wear gloves and a hat. But wearing too thick clothes makes hits harder to feel (you only feel a slight pulse) and sometimes you have to confess your hit when you hear it, not feel it.


Any activity involving weapons, or other equipment that can hurt yourself or others has an universal rule - do not touch anything before being asked to. Just as important as the rule - Every instruction given by the Instructor needs immediate execution and without instructions you do not anything! Follow these rules and your safety is guaranteed!