Airsoft indoors

800m2 airsoft battleground

To prevent the weather from influencing when airsoft can be played, we built 2x 400 m2 Airsoft Battlegrounds (we can organize two events at a time) that include a waiting room where you can quench your thirst during game breaks and have a little snack. Waiting rooms can accommodate up to 20 people and include a small kitchen. We have pistols and protective gear for 20 players.

We can also handle a larger group if needed. When dressing you should choose hooded sweatshirts and trousers, avoid leggings and clothes that are tight on the skin. Special protective gloves are available on site for playing airsoft.

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Lasergames indoors

800m2 battle arena for lasergames

We also offer indoor play in the summer with lasers. We have a dedicated area where you can have fun battles, both as a birthday package and just with your friends.

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